Desmond Ong

Desmond Ong is a highly successful entrepreneur and internet marketer based in Malaysia.

Desmond Ong pictureAfter founding ChromaBit, a Malaysia-based company that publishes informational products, software, mobile apps and services for some of the most renowned authors in the world, Desmond realized that he didn’t want to just inspire people “behind the scenes”– he wanted to speak with them directly and encourage them to follow their business dreams.

Desmond Ong had learned on his own online marketing journey — from monetized blogging to building and selling websites to ultimately sharing information marketing products — that professional mentorship and guidance would have saved him a lot of stress and headaches. He resolved to become a mentor for others: first through his products, and then by putting a face to the information and sharing his success story through speaking and teaching roles.

One of Desmond’s “aha” moments occurred after he met up with a young professional who credited Desmond’s courses and ebooks as the catalysts for his success. The young man explained to Desmond that the experience, knowledge, and skills he’d gained from his informational tools allowed him to jumpstart his career and generate life-changing income for himself and his family. This encounter was enough to convince Desmond: to achieve true personal fulfillment and to really track the success of his students, he needed to do more interactive mentoring, coaching, and speaking events.

Desmond Ong now cherishes the opportunity to connect with his audience on a personal level through speaking, mentoring, and coaching across a variety of media platforms.

This mindset also inspired Desmond to write his first book,
Against All Odds: Secrets Of Starting At 15, Achieving Million Dollars Sales & Financial Freedom Before 21. The book sold out numerous bookstores within weeks of its release and garnered an unprecedented 3,000+ downloads in just over two months. It can still be found on The book discusses how Desmond started his first business at the age of 15 by buying and selling websites. After that, his success kept piling up as he began his internet marketing empire that consisted of over 100+ websites as well as 3 million subscribers to his email list. Before he even turned the age of 21 he had generated over a million dollars in online sales and is continuing to help his students leverage the power of internet marketing to achieve their own success.

Desmond Ong started out with humble beginnings, after the 1990 financial crisis, him and his family were left looking for other means of income to keep afloat. He started out by running his own sites and blogs, but realized that he was barely breaking even. From there he could give up—or try a different strategy –which is exactly what he did. He decided to sell his websites, making a couple hundred dollars. It was then that the idea clicked, instead of blogging he would make websites and and sell them. His initial fails has inspired him to inspire others not to give up on their dreams. Just because something didn’t work the first time doesn’t mean that you need to give up, just need to tweak your ideas. After many more successes and failures, Desmond has finally built a successful business model, and strives to help others achieve the success as well.

There are a few common threads in Desmond’s speaking and mentoring events. He believes it is important he can serve as a mentor to young people, as he started out in business at a very young age and even to this day has received criticisms or outright dismissals due to his age. Along the same lines, he hopes to inspire any and every member of his audience to never let others stop or discourage them from doing what they want. He wants to continue to encourage others to not let their first strikeouts make them give up, but rather help them adjust their strategy and learn. Desmond takes the things that he has learned through trial and error and makes sure to set his students up for success. Whether they want to supplement their income, being internet marketing millionaires, or learn useful skills to make them more cash on the side, Desmond is there every step of the way for guidance and support.

Desmond Ong Speaking Events

Desmond Ong mainly holds stage speaking events in Malaysia and Singapore, but he is always looking for ways to connect with people around the world. He is currently branching out to new locations including but not limited to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. To keep up with event schedule, check out