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Desmond Ong’s Videos on Mentoring and Coaching

This page is constantly being updated with videos from Desmond Ong about the importance of a mentor, how to be successful, and other helpful hints:


Get In The Right Mindset for Success

In order to be successful you need to be sure to get in the right mindset for your field.

Working One On One With A Mentor

Desmond Ong surprises one of his students by meeting him for a one on one training session in person

Momentum is Necessary For Success

Having momentum will help you achieve success. You need to have the right mindset in order to push yourself to become successful.

Tips On Being Productive

How to get more out of your day and be successful.

How I Prepare Before My Seminars

See how Desmond OngĀ gets ready and prepares before he speaks at his seminars.

5 Components That Stop You From Failing

Watch this video to see the 5 components that will stop you from failing and help you run a successful business.

How To Travel and Run a Business

See how to maintain your business and still travel around the world.

Why You Should Have Passive Income

In order to travel and do the things you love it is important to have passive income. This way you can make money and be successful without working 24/7 to make your dream lifestyle happen.


Desmond Ong Introduction

Best selling author, marketer, and mentor. Watch this video to learn more about Desmond Ong.